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Gold Exchange is Australia’s #1 gold, silver, platinum and diamond buyer. If you have any gold, silver, platinum or diamonds we guarantee to give you the highest price for your gold items and diamonds. We will buy your golditems in any condition, whether new, old or broken. We even buy your old or new watches, coins and bullions. So don't delay, turn all thatgold you have lying around into hard and real cash at Gold Exchange.

Gold Exchange is one of Australia's leading gold and diamond specialist with over 30 years experience in the jewellery industry. With gold at all time record high prices now is the best time to cash in on all that gold you may have. If you are looking for honesty, integrity and openness when selling your gold items or diamonds then contact us at Gold Exchange.

Ready to sell your unwanted gold items or diamonds and unsure what they are worth? Visit us in-store in Sydney or Wollongong or request a secure and safe Gold Exchange Pack for a free valuation.

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Do you have gold and jewellery you don’t wear or use anymore? At Gold Exchange we guarantee you the highest price for your old or unwanted gold and jewellery. We buy all carats of gold including 8ct, 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct and 24ct, and all types of gold colours including yellow, white, rose and multi-colour.

Gold Exchange is committed to providing all its clients with the most honest and exceptional service when buying gold and jewellery. We invest our time in making sure you know everything about your gold and jewellery so you’re happy that you have received the highest price. What next? Contact Gold Exchange and we will give you a quick and free valuation on all your gold and jewellery.

Do you have any old diamond rings or earrings, unwanted diamond pendants or loose diamonds on their own? Gold Exchange will provide a free expert valuation of your diamonds and guarantee you the highest and fair price.

Selling a diamond can seem like a difficult process, that’s why Gold Exchange will make this simple as possible for you. Our diamond experts will sit down with you and show you the fair market price for your diamonds based on the international diamond wholesale market. We will give you all the information you need on your diamonds so that you are comfortable you are getting the best price. Contact Us or email info@goldexchange.net.au for your free diamond valuation.

Diamond laboratory certificates are highly recommended when selling a diamond but not necessary. If you have any diamond certificates, let us know or bring them in to help us give you the highest price for your diamonds. If you can't visit us in-store, email a copy of your diamond certificate and we can give you an initial valuation based on the information in your certificate.

Do you need your own diamond certificate? There are many laboratories issuing diamond grading certificates, some reputable and reliable and others not so. We highly recommend laboratory certificates from independent bodies such as the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) - the creator of the diamond grading system in 1931 and a non-profit organisation and Gem Studies Laboratory (GSL) - over 20 years experience in Australia and endorsed by the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA).

What makes up the value of your diamond?

When selling your diamond the value will be determined by the" 4 Cs" of a diamond – Carat Weight, Colour, Clarity and Cut.

Carat Weight - this is the measure of weight of a diamond. The more Carat weight the more rare and valuable the diamond is.

Colour - diamonds come in many varieties of Colours such as white, yellow or pink. In a white diamond, the presence of a yellow tint will lower the value. The less body Colour in a white diamond, the more true Colour it will reflect and thus the greater its value.

Clarity - this refers to the degree to which there are "imperfections" (i.e. inclusions and birthmarks) in a diamond. The less inclusions in a diamond the greater the value of your diamond.

Cut - the Cut of a diamond refers to its proportion, symmetry and polish. The beauty of a diamond depends probably the most onCut than the other factors.

There is also one more important factor which helps determine a diamonds value – shape. Diamonds come in many shapes, the traditional shapes such as Round Brilliant Cut and Princess Cut diamond tend to hold more value due to their popularity in diamond jewellery.

FOB Watches

If you have a gold watch or even non-gold watch such as stainless steel, Gold Exchange would like to see it. No matter what condition your watch is, old or new, perfect condition or broken, Gold Exchange will work with you to give you the highest price for your watch.

We purchase all gold watches but for non-gold watches, we highly recommend you call us to determine if your watch has value.

Fob watches were very popular back in the old days, unfortunately they have fallen out of fashion and more an antique item. Many are made from gold and therefore can be very valuable. If your fob watch is collecting dust, let Gold Exchange give you the highest price for your watches. Don't delay, Contact Us for a free valuation.

Please note: We will only consider non-gold watches if they are a luxurious brand watch such as Rolex, Brietling or Tag Heur to name a few.

Gold bullion has provided a great return on investment over the last 10 years. If you have any form of bullion, from 1 gram or 1 ounce to 1kg, Gold Exchange can help you turn it into quick cash. Our buying price on gold bullion is based on the market spot price with a much smaller spread then our competitors.

Not sure how much your gold bullion is worth? Contact Us today for a free quote where we guarantee to pay the highest scrap price in Australia.

Coins Scrap Gold

Coins are considered a form of investment, very similar to bullion. Gold Exchange has many years experience in all types of coins, we have a small library to assist us in determining the true value of your coin. Most coins are worth what they call "bullion value".

Gold Exchange purchases all types of coins, no matter how old, condition or origin. Most coins are 22ct and 24ct but there are coins in circulation from 9ct to 18ct. Below are several of the most common coins Gold Exchange buys:

Australian Gold Kangaroo and Australian Gold Nugget Coin - these coins weigh 1 ounce (31.1 grams) and are of 99.99% gold purity (i.e. 24ct). Produced by the Perth Mint, they have a picture of a Kangaroo or Nugget on the front and Queen Elizabeth on the reverse side. Each year the Perth Mint produces a limited number along with a new design for these coins (these coins also comes in smaller sizes).

Gold Exchange will pay you instant cash top prices for the Australian Gold Kangaroo and Australian Gold Nugget Coin. Contact Us for the current market price.

South African Krugerrand Gold Coin - the Krugerrand is one of the most popular coins in the world, with tens of millions minted and in circulation around the world. Weighting at 33.93 grams and gold purity of 22ct, the coin contains 1 ounce of fine gold. The Krugerrand also comes in smaller sizes.

Gold Exchange will pay you instant cash top prices for the South African Krugerrand Gold Coin. Contact Us for the current market price.

Sovereign Gold Coin - the Sovereign coin was produced in both Australia and Britain and are very commonly used in jewellery pieces such as coin rings and coin bracelets and pendants. The coin features Saint George mounted on a horse slaying the dragon with the reverse side featuring past kings and queens of the United Kingdom. At a purity of 22ct, the coin weights 7.98 grams. There areSovereign Coins also in small and larger weights.

Gold Exchange will pay you instant cash top prices for the Sovereign Gold Coin. Contact Us for the current market price.

At Gold Exchange we also buy broken and scratched jewellery, goldand precious metals which you no longer want. This can include broken chains, bracelets rings and earrings or even gold teeth! We guarantee the best prices for your scrap gold and will use the latest technological equipment to tell you what carat gold you have. We will also help you remove any stones and return them back to you at no extra cost.

Are you are Retail jeweller or work in the jewellery industry and have scrap gold, jewellery or other precious metal you want to sell? Come in to the Gold Exchange and we will be happy to buy any items you may have and offer the best price.

Silver Platinum

Gold Exchange is also Australia’s #1 silver buyer. We guarantee to give you the best prices for your unwanted silver pieces and jewellery, silver bullions and silver cutlery. Whether your silver is old, broken or new condition we want to buy it.

Unsure whether your items are silver or how much they are worth, Contact Us or come in store for a free valuation.

Platinum, as like gold and silver, is considered a precious metal and can be very valuable if you are deciding to sell. Platinum can easily be confused with white gold because of its "white" colour.There are several hallmarks which can help determine if your bullion or jewellery isPlatinum, these include "950", "PLAT" or"PT95".

For your Platinum bullion and jewellery, Gold Exchange will guarantee you the highest price so Contact Us today.

Rings &
Wedding Bands
Nuggets &
Prospect Gold

Has it come time to sell the engagement ring or thinking of selling to make way for a new engagement ring and wedding band? Our diamond experts can assess the diamond in the ring and give you the highest cash for your rings.

If you have any information on the engagement ring, such as laboratory certificate, lets us know so you get the highest value for your items.

Gold Exchange welcomes you for a free valuation on all your engagement rings and wedding bands so Contact Us or email info@goldexchange.net.au.

At Gold Exchange we buy gold in any form, including nuggets and gold dust. Over the years we’ve purchased gold from all areas of Australia, with purity ranging from 83% to 98%. This gold is generally found underground but we also often purchase prospect gold from river beds and ocean floor too.

Gold Exchange can offer you unique and premium service for your gold nuggets, gold dust and flakes and prospect gold where we melt the gold while you wait and provide an immediate assay analysis (i.e. gold content analysis).

Contact Us or come in and see us for a free valuation or advise on you nugget and prospect gold.


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