How does the Gold Exchange Pack work?

The Gold Exchange Pack contains all you need to send your items by post safely and securely for valuation. The Gold Exchange Pack costs you nothing to send and is insured up to $15,000 for your piece of mind.


Fill in the form the request form via our website and we will send the Gold Exchange Pack;
Complete the form provided in the Gold Exchange Pack including contact details, description and payment options;
Take a copy of your identification;
Place your gold, silver, platinum and diamonds in the padded envelope provided, and then place all paperwork and padded envelope in the provided registered Australia Post packet;
Take the registered Australia Post packet to any Australia Post office counter and you’re done!
We will call you within 1-2 business days confirming we have received your items and a give you a no obligation and free quote.

Door to Door service:

Gold Exchange offers a Door to Door service if you don’t wish to use Australia Post, call us for more details.

Further Questions?

Contact us on 1300 020 095 or come in-store and chat with one of our friendly gold and diamond specialist - unlike our competitors we want you to know everything about your gold jewellery and the gold market so you make a happy sale!

Alternatively send an email to or Live Chat with our gold and diamond expert.

Will you return my diamonds and/or precious stones in my jewellery?

At your request, Gold Exchange will remove any diamonds and/or precious stones at no extra cost and will return them to you. We can value your items with or without stones, whether you come in-store or use our secure Gold Exchange Pack post service.

If I don’t accept your offer, what happens?

Gold Exchange will guarantee the highest cash for your gold and diamonds but if you still aren’t happy, we will send it back at no cost to you. We offer free valuation and no obligation to sell.

How do you pay if I accept to sell?

We are very flexible in our payment options. If you come in-store and accept our offer for your gold and diamonds or precious metals, we can pay you cash, money transfer or cheque - payment is immediate and on the spot.

If you’ve used our Gold Pack postal service you have two options, money transfer or cheque.

How much does Gold Exchange Pay for Gold and Diamonds?

For your Gold:

There are 3components which determine the price of gold:

  1. Weight;
  2. Purity;
  3. Current market gold price.

If you have bullions and coins, Gold Exchange will pay you 98% to 100% of the gold spot price, for gold jewellery we will pay you 85% to 100% of gold spot price. The higher the purity, the more value your gold items are worth.

If your jewellery or gold item is not 24ct pure gold then there are other metals (otherwise known as “alloys”) in your jewellery. The gold table below will help you understand how much actual gold content there normally should be in your jewellery:

Carat Percentage of gold content ("%") Hallmark on jewellery
9 37.5 375
14 58.5 585
18 75 750
22 96.1 22ct
24 99.9 24ct

For your Diamonds:

Diamonds prices vary according to the "4 C's" namely, Clarity, Colour, Carat and Cut.

Additionally, other factors such shape and current market trends will also determine the price. Gold Exchange will price your diamond according to the international wholesale diamond market to give you the fair value and most cash. If you have a diamond you wish to sell, make sure you have all the possible information at hand, including any international grading laboratory certificate as this will help in getting you a better deal.

What Do We Buy?

Gold Exchange buys anything gold, silver, platinum or palladium. We will also buy diamonds, normally in engagement rings. We will purchase your jewellery pieces in any condition, even if it’s old and broken.

Coming to Gold Exchange means dealing directly with the Refiner, therefore we give more value for your gold and precious metal items.

Below is a list of some items Gold Exchange buys:

  • Sell scrap gold, sell jewellery, sell damaged jewellery
  • Sell diamond engagement rings, sell diamonds, sell gold and platinum engagement rings
  • Sell gold wedding bands, sell platinum wedding bands
  • Sell rings, sell dress ring
  • Sell chains, sell gold chains, sell necklaces, sell gold necklaces
  • Sell gold bracelet, sell anklet
  • Sell gold pendent, sell diamond pendent, sell charms
  • Sell gold earrings, sell diamond earrings
  • Sell gold coins, sell silver coins
  • Sell gold bullion, sell platinum bullion, sell silver bullion
  • Sell gold nuggets, sell prospect gold, sell gold dust, sell gold flakes
  • Sell watches, sell gold watches, sell fob watches
  • Sell silver jewellery, sell silver chain, sell silver bracelet, sell silver ring
  • Sell silver cutlery, sell gold cutlery

Does it cost anything to value my gold and diamonds?

No its all free! Any valuations we do on your gold, silver, diamonds and other items is absolutely free and you have no obligation to sell.


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