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As Australia's #1 Gold Buyer, we buy and sell all types of precious metal coins and bullion in any condition. Instant Cash paid for Sovereigns, Krugerrands, Australian Kangaroo, Gold and Silver Bullion....and More!

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We also offer investment gold for sale - high quality gold and silver bullion & coins for purchase. More Info

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Insuring And Protecting Your Gold And Silver

In the midst of economic volatility, some investors are flocking to gold and silverĀ as an alternative to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs. In fact, some precious metals dealers are struggling to keep up with demandĀ for bars and coins, and buyers are paying record-setting pricesĀ for rare...

Chinaā€™s Gold and Silver buying spree tightens physical supply

Chinaā€™s gold and silver buying spree tightens physical supply Andrew Maguire explores the marketwide implications of China buying up vast quantities of gold andĀ silver.Ā  Andrew Maguire reveals Chinaā€™s is making an unprecedented move into physical silver, while alsoĀ securing huge quantities...

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Additional Services

Gold Exchange offers a range of additional services including the valuation and purchase of estate jewellery, purchase of jewellery from closing down jewellery stores and buying scrap jewellers precious metals.

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I've been taking my gold jewellery to Gold Exchange 4 times now and never been disappointed. If you want honesty, excellent service and a great price, its with Adam at the Gold Exchange.
Over the years I saved so many gold bars and coins that I was very hesitant on selling them. With gold at it highest I wanted to be sure I was going to get someone who would honestly tell me what all my gold was worth - I found that at Gold...
Huge THANK YOU to the guys at Gold Exchange for being so open and honest and guaranteeing the highest price!

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